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GAZZARA : Portrait In Acid Jazz (Irma Records, 2017)

The new GAZZARA album “Portrait In Acid Jazz” (Irma) – number 7 in their discography – showcases the band’s exemplary and instantly recognisable way of producing “jazz related music” that stimulate the body while pleasing the mind. The group may have slimmed down from the first album’s seven-piece, but the original trio still blows roofs off wherever they play, live or in the studio. Adding the invaluable help of guest vocalists Lily Latuheru and Yasemin Sannino the new material recreates the unique atmosphere of early acid jazz era, when jazz and funk flirted with soul, bossa, disco and electronica. Instrumental toe tappers such as “We Had A Ball” and “Jazid Wonderland” sit well between gospel-soul vocal numbers as “Heaven”, “Into the Night” and “Laces”. Even lounge/bossa and disco/funk are still relevant, according to tunes as “Jazz Is” and “Portuguese Soul”. A portrait in acid jazz doesn’t mean a collection of covers, but an original album conceived and released with a deep passion for anything jazz related, the sparkle that led GAZZARA’s studio and live work in the past 20 years…… >>>


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Artwork: Giulio Fermetti - Original painting: Marisa Fogliarini - Video editing: Thomas De Lorenzo Films - Band photo: Sophia Gazzara